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Jul 092011
Absent Friend

Some of Clare’s best friends are mov­ing soon.  The kinds of friends that you’ve shared many of your lives big land­marks with; col­lege, mar­riage, chil­dren…  She’s been start­ing to miss them, and they haven’t left yet.  There was a going-away party last night — so I wrote this lit­tle song. Cause you are my friend I trust that you will care for me the same way that I care for you won’t mat­ter what we do… * Cause you are my friend like those I have sur­round­ing me could never slip from mem­ory no mat­ter what may be… * cause you are my friend if you should wan­der far from me far­ther than my eye can see I’ll hide my mis­ery cause you are my friend * Once you’ve been gone awhile I […click to read the rest]

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Jun 192011
Musician: Will Work for Applause...

The play is the thing, or in my case this sum­mer – to play …the gui­tar.  Early last month Tom Thayer asked me if would be inter­ested in play­ing a lit­tle gui­tar for the Roxy’s pro­duc­tion of “Almost Heaven,” I agreed and have since been enveloped by the artis­tic embrace of the lit­tle the­atre that could. I moved to Clarksville early last fall and was soon intro­duced to the Roxy’s pro­duc­tion of “Shout!”  After liv­ing in Nashville for twenty years I had adopted the Nashville View of Ten­nessee; that noth­ing really exists beyond the view of the bat­man build­ing.  The work done at the Roxy has shown me how myopic my Nashville eyes had been.  I was raised in an Iowa town about the same size […click to read the rest]

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Nov 162010

Some­one The pace I keep, seems rather slow, to those I see pass by. I like to walk, most seem to run, with­out a thought to why. The focus of, the lives they have, remains unclear to me, A thought­ful look, from one to me, is all I need to see. Cho­rus: Some­one, some­where, some­way, some­how… Won’t some­one love the me that I am now. Any­one, any­where, any­way, any­how. I’m ready to live my life, and I feel like start­ing now. * Sin­gle folks, like sin­gle socks get tossed and dis­re­garded I’ve been alone for all my life, never even broken-hearted. For just a chance, to catch a glance, for some­one just to see The hope I keep, the love I’ll share, if some­one looked at me. Bridge: Alone, again, sur­rounded by the […click to read the rest]

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Nov 122010
Granny White

I was reminded by a reader that I have not reposted some of my songs since my blog crashed dur­ing the great flood — so here’s one.  David Thorn­ton came to me with the idea of rewrit­ing a lit­tle local his­tory.… we came up with this and played it at the Blue­bird. “Granny White” Lovell & Thor­ton 2009 Peter Cass­ian Music Trav­elin’ men were never bash­ful with work to do in Nashville, Though weary from the rig­ors of the road They gladly under­took their labors cause they knew the gen­tle favors that awaited them when they at last unload. Cho­rus: You could sing, you could dance, you could find romance, You could get a lit­tle com­fort for the night In the arms of her girls you were in […click to read the rest]

Sep 212010
"Ever After Happy"

Ever After Happy She wanted ever after happy, in a never hafta world. She was but­ter­flies and rain­bows, round which mean and ugly swirled. No way that we could be more dif­fer­ent, no chance that this could ever work. Some­one soon was gonna tell her, the guy you’re dat­ing – is a jerk! * Why, oh why would a sweet girl like that, spend time with a man that would tor­ment her cat? I’m rude and foul smelling, just like my mom said, But still every morn­ing – there she is in my bed. * The new kid at the gro­cery, gave me 20 extra back She’d have given it back to him, but smokes cost me 5 bucks a pack. She actu­ally cares about recy­cling, and the prob­lems of the poor Still she smooches on […click to read the rest]

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Sep 092010
"Fell Right In"

I’ve reworked this song a few times… think I may finally be done play­ing with it.  I have some audio that I will add to this post later on — think really early Jack­son Brown. Fell Right In In the early evening shad­ows, of some run-down Bar & Grill, she sat scratch­ing in a note­book, empty pages still to fill. She knew the words she should be writ­ing, of a life well lived by now. As empty pages stayed unwrit­ten, she took a quiet, hope­ful vow… cho­rus No more wait­ing for a phone call no more leav­ing things to fate. She’d done every­thing they told her, but all she’d ever done was wait. Did her hair and fixed her make-up, ran to China at the gym. Made her­self another per­son dug a hole, and fell right in. […click to read the rest]

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