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Songs | davelovell.net - Part 2
Aug 242010
"Home Again"

David Thorn­ton handed me the cho­rus for this song and asked me for some verses — an hour later I’d writ­ten my first lyric in twenty years — thanks David… Bestrode did I, down cob­bled lane, beshod in bro­gans new ‘Tis off to work, says I to me, and not to pubs in view. “A pleas­ant day”,   “God Bless all here,”   I bid to friend and foe But nei­ther wave nor know­ing cheer toward me did they bestow. Cho­rus Who­ever it is I thought I was I am not any­more Who­ever it is I thought I was I am not any­more So bye, bye, my bonny boy, and hello, Sonny Jim, Who­ever it is I thought I was, I sure no more am him. * ‘Twas not so long me […click to read the rest]

Aug 182010

 “Bro­ken” Some­thing was miss­ing, maybe some­thing just broke. I said that I loved her, she laughed it off with a joke. Some­where she’d lost it, the fear of being alone. But was it love that she feared, or some life that she had known? (cho­rus) True bro­ken hearts are the hard­est to see few make it back from such true injury. You think that your heart can bring her back all alone, so you fight and you suf­fer, but you just break your own. * Some­one betrayed her broke her almost in two. He’d said that he loved her so she said she did too. Some­how she still tried, to be faith­ful and true. But the cuts were so deep she would never pull through. * (bridge) Our worst sins should not define us, we are much more than […click to read the rest]

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Aug 122010

here’s a new song… They first met on a Mon­day, in the young part of the year. Some­thing noticed in the other Some­thing nei­ther thought to fear & they made each other won­der, as their secrets became shared. noth­ing hid­den from the other noth­ing left to make them scared cho­rus …but never on Sun­day that day she saved for him it was the last day that he loved her it was the day that she stayed in . It was Wednes­day that he noticed, they’d been labeled as a pair. every­thing was inter­min­gled every­thing was to be shared He had noticed more than she had, that what was his was now her’s too. noth­ing from him sounded warn­ing noth­ing showed what he might do . She was ready by the Fri­day, to live a life as […click to read the rest]

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Aug 052010
"Men of our Dreams"

here’s  lit­tle duet… any­body inter­ested? “Men of Our Dreams”               dwl In my dreams I could see him, star­ing out from my win­dow He was kind, he was gen­tle, not some fairy tale hero. He lives on in my mind, as my stan­dard and trea­sure, And I search through the world for a man that’s his mea­sure. It was of him that I thought, as you came into view would you fall into shadow,  would I see him in you? . As a boy I was nour­ished on leg­end and lore Tales of uncles and cousins and the lands they fought for. In my mind I installed them, as my judge and my jury And to not mea­sure up, was the one con­stant worry. It was of them that I thought, […click to read the rest]

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