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Mar 272012
My Evil Plan to Become Dictator

If I were a wanna-be dic­ta­tor look­ing for some place to make my own, and I really mean my own – I might just pick Ten­nessee; any state polit­i­cally bipo­lar enough to pro­duce both All Gore and Fred Thomp­son is just ask­ing for it. The con­di­tions would have to be just right; an eco­nomic depres­sion, high unem­ploy­ment, iso­lated urban cen­ters sur­rounded by vast rural areas – so far, so good.  Then I would need a polit­i­cal vehi­cle that I could manip­u­late; one well known enough to engen­der respectabil­ity, yet intel­lec­tu­ally vacant enough to be con­trolled … how ‘bout the repub­li­cans! Now for the most impor­tant fac­tor in suc­cess­ful dic­ta­tor­iz­ing; fear.  I sim­ply need to iden­tify who the major­ity of the peo­ple are, find out what they […click to read the rest]

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Feb 032011
My Eugene

Start­ing another short story to add to the col­lec­tion I started with “Joy Of Paint­ing.” Eugene had a par­tic­u­lar way about every­thing, some­times it got in his way, some­times it con­fused oth­ers and some­times it moved from the par­tic­u­lar to the pecu­liar, although not to Eugene.  He had grown up on the high open prairie of the Amer­i­can West, some peo­ple said all that space had given Eugene his par­tic­u­lar­i­ties, not me, I’m sure it was some­thing else.   I liked Eugene the moment I saw him, as I am par­tic­u­lar too.  I run a diner built in the 1920’s, have a one-eyed cat named Four-eyes and still wear the boots my father had on when he got shot in Korea, well he actu­ally got shot […click to read the rest]

Sep 032010
Untilting Knight Seeks Windmill

I like lists, although I do think that my lists get together and make fun of me some­times. Most of my lists enu­mer­ate things that I would like to do, should do, or may just look good on a list.  One of these lists con­tains the titles of very impor­tant books that very smart peo­ple have told me I should read in order to be smart enough to tell other peo­ple what books should be on their lists.  Some of the titles have a lit­tle check by them; I love to check things off lists!  But oth­ers, some near the top of the list (denot­ing a longer period of res­i­dency on said list) stare back at me in mock­ing laugh­ter; these are the books that […click to read the rest]

Aug 252010

…the begin­ning of a short story, or a long ther­apy ses­sion. The old­est of them, in his best imi­ta­tion Irish brogue, only attained through a robust sup­ply of Fal­staff beer, started, “So Pat says to Mike, he says, Mike, did you hear about the new pub across town, where for a buck and a quar­ter, they’ll give ya a pint, a glass of whiskey and take ya in the back and get ya laid?  And Mike says, no way; for a buck and a quar­ter they give ya a pint, a glass of whiskey and then they take ya in the back and get ya laid… who told ya that?  To which Pat replies; my sis­ter did.”  And so would begin hours of broth­ers swap­ping […click to read the rest]

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