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Dec 242010
Homily for Midnight Mass…

This is a homily I gave at Mid­night Mass a few years ago… Cae­sar Augus­tus issued a decree and set the whole world mov­ing. What power there is in Impe­r­ial decree. Cae­sar speaks and every­one is uprooted. They all return to their native homes. Caesar’s word calls peo­ple back to their roots. Cae­sar has a pur­pose. He wants the whole world to be num­bered. He is count­ing his peo­ple. He needs their money. These peo­ple are not named, they are num­bered. Their sto­ries are not impor­tant. Who they are does not mat­ter. What they can pro­vide does. They rep­re­sent an eco­nomic resource. A decree from Cae­sar. Word comes from Rome. An order comes from the cen­ter of power to the mar­gins, and the whole world moves. Cae­sar […click to read the rest]

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Nov 222010
American College Louvain — Requiescat in Pace

The Amer­i­can bish­ops have announced that the Amer­i­can Col­lege in Lou­vain will close its doors this June end­ing 154 years of sem­i­nary for­ma­tion con­ducted in con­junc­tion with the Kalt­holeike Uni­ver­siteit de Lou­vain (est. 1425). The news of this has hit me much harder than I thought it would. The new right wing of the church tossed me out years ago, and I thought I had made my peace with it all — pos­si­bly I had kept some dor­mant hope for the church based in part on the fact that the Amer­i­can Col­lege still existed. Oh well. I first began my grad­u­ate stud­ies in Leu­ven (the flem­ish for Lou­vain) as a sem­i­nar­ian liv­ing at the Col­lege. I had wanted to go there due to some very influ­en­tial Prof’s […click to read the rest]

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Oct 042010
God and Country — Either Or?

About the mid­dle of the first quar­ter of my Amer­i­can His­tory classes we cover the Intel­lec­tual life of the colonies, look­ing to dis­cover how the peo­ple of the time thought about their world.  Pretty quickly my stu­dents begin to see two very dif­fer­ent schools of thought that formed a divide that impacted our Nation’s birth, and con­tin­ues to do so. On one hand was the Great Awak­en­ing with the fire & brim­stone preach­ing of Jonathan Edwards (Sin­ners in the Hands of an Angry God).  This was the orig­i­nal get back to god move­ment that began in the burned out dis­tricts of the North and then swept through the rest of the colonies with vary­ing lev­els of effect.  They were react­ing to a per­cep­tion that peo­ple were […click to read the rest]

Aug 242010

The splen­dor of truth… So far I have not reposted any of my the­o­log­i­cal writ­ing, mostly due to the fact that it’s still a sore point for me.  Today maybe I will share some of that story with you all. (I know…you’re excited) I was raised Irish-Catholic and yes, every pos­si­ble assump­tion you could make about me from just that bit of infor­ma­tion, is true.  What made the expe­ri­ence rel­a­tively inter­est­ing was that I was born dur­ing the ses­sions of the Sec­ond Vat­i­can Coun­cil, and both its hopes and ulti­mate fail­ures came to have large impact on my life. The great Aggior­na­mento called for by the would be interim pope John XXIII, pro­duced a for­ward look­ing, intel­lec­tu­ally sturdy, gen­er­ous and hope­ful vision of the Church — one […click to read the rest]

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