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Nov 292011
Old Dog, New Trick - Want My Biscuit!

A few months ago I bought three bow ties, they were good ones (said the sales dude) and half-off the already 75% reduc­tion – or about $3 each.  I applauded my fru­gal­ity and kept peek­ing at the orig­i­nal price tags that showed $40 and how badly I had beaten the man! Once the heady rush of my retail con­quest had faded, a trou­bling bit of real­ity wormed its way into my con­scious­ness – tying a bow tie was a man-skill that I lacked.  I might just as well have pur­chased three new slide rules for all the good they were gonna do me.  I will turn 48 tomor­row and I have made my peace with the skill set that I pos­sess, why trou­ble myself with the […click to read the rest]

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May 062011

Below you will find a seg­ment of an open­ing para­graph to an essay response to a ques­tion regard­ing the phases of Mod­ern Art.  I’m stumped, any­one wanna take a stab at what they were talk­ing about? Much with the never halt­ing march of mankind, as civ­i­liza­tion con­tin­ued its inevitable rev­o­lu­tion­iz­ing of for­merly stead­fast views of what con­sti­tuted the ide­olo­gies sur­round­ing the con­cept of imag­ined com­mu­ni­ties, its mal­leable nature gave way to trans­mu­ta­tions of some­thing more; the after­math for which resulted in the dis­tinct sep­a­ra­tion of these works which con­sti­tuted the pre-modern, the early mod­ern, and the modern.

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Aug 042010
Data Dat Died...

Hi there, glad you came back…  if you’re won­der­ing where my blog went, well, so was I.  All I know is that it died, along with most of the posts that I fool­ishly had not backed up. So, I shall begin again.  I will repost what I had saved, and get back into the busi­ness of blog­gage… see you soon!

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