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Nov 292011
Old Dog, New Trick - Want My Biscuit!

A few months ago I bought three bow ties, they were good ones (said the sales dude) and half-off the already 75% reduc­tion – or about $3 each.  I applauded my fru­gal­ity and kept peek­ing at the orig­i­nal price tags that showed $40 and how badly I had beaten the man! Once the heady rush of my retail con­quest had faded, a trou­bling bit of real­ity wormed its way into my con­scious­ness – tying a bow tie was a man-skill that I lacked.  I might just as well have pur­chased three new slide rules for all the good they were gonna do me.  I will turn 48 tomor­row and I have made my peace with the skill set that I pos­sess, why trou­ble myself with the […click to read the rest]

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Jun 192011
Musician: Will Work for Applause...

The play is the thing, or in my case this sum­mer – to play …the gui­tar.  Early last month Tom Thayer asked me if would be inter­ested in play­ing a lit­tle gui­tar for the Roxy’s pro­duc­tion of “Almost Heaven,” I agreed and have since been enveloped by the artis­tic embrace of the lit­tle the­atre that could. I moved to Clarksville early last fall and was soon intro­duced to the Roxy’s pro­duc­tion of “Shout!”  After liv­ing in Nashville for twenty years I had adopted the Nashville View of Ten­nessee; that noth­ing really exists beyond the view of the bat­man build­ing.  The work done at the Roxy has shown me how myopic my Nashville eyes had been.  I was raised in an Iowa town about the same size […click to read the rest]

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Dec 092010
Upcoming Lecture Series

Look­ing for some­thing to do on those cold Jan­u­ary nights?  I will be giv­ing a series of four  lec­tures on Art His­tory on Wednes­day evenings (time and exact dates tba).  Come on out and enjoy lis­ten­ing to me mis­pro­nounce lots of French and Ger­man words! War on Art: A visual tour of the effects of war upon art in Ancient Greece, Rev­o­lu­tion­ary France, Wil­helmite Ger­many and the United States. Ancient Greece – Athens of the High Clas­si­cal period gave us the per­fect form; from the Acrop­o­lis to the ideal human shape, Athe­ni­ans saw the whole world as pos­si­ble per­fec­tion.  After their humil­i­a­tion in the Pelo­pon­nesian War they saw a very dif­fer­ent world.  This evening will look at how their art reflected these changes. Rev­o­lu­tion­ary France – […click to read the rest]

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Nov 152010
Egon Schiele; In Search of a Perfect Line

For some time I have been read­ing every­thing I can put my hands on regard­ing the Aus­trian artist Egon Schiele.  I fall into these peri­ods occa­sion­ally; two years of my life went to Theodore Roo­sevelt, another three to Irish His­tory, etc., etc.  It is one of the upsides to my cho­sen level of acad­e­mia that I may pur­sue fields of intel­lec­tual study com­pletely at my own whim (as long as I get my papers graded on time). I stum­bled onto Egon via a cir­cuitous route; I have long had a fas­ci­na­tion with what I see as the Ger­manic ten­dency toward national dual­ism (pos­si­bly national schiz­o­phre­nia.)  How a sin­gle coun­try could reach such incred­i­ble heights of oppo­site direc­tion, but I also know enough his­tory to real­ize that […click to read the rest]

Aug 282010
Clare Coyle Taylor - "Sketchbook"

Have you ever looked at someone’s art­work as casu­ally as they showed it to you?  “Oh, here’s a few sketches that I’ve been doing, just some col­ored pen­cil stuff… no big deal.” But then you look, already think­ing about the next part of the con­ver­sa­tion, or why that chili you had for lunch is still both­er­ing you — and BANG! the work so casu­ally tossed your way pulls your eyes open wider than you thought they could stretch! Click here to open the gallery.Pow­ered by Cin­copa wp con­tent plu­g­ins solu­tion for your web­site and Cin­copa Medi­aSend for file trans­fer. Clare Coyle Tay­lor did that to me last week.  Casu­ally toss­ing me a dog-eared spi­ral of colored-pencil sketches on bris­tol board the way you might toss some­one […click to read the rest]

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