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Brain Death of the Conservative Body Politic | davelovell.net
Aug 192010

I can see Rus­sia from here…

Sis­ter Sarah Palin (the quit­ter) warned her min­ions that an Obama health-plan would insti­tute “death pan­els” that would rule over plug-pulling cer­e­monies for the aged and infirm; maybe her wor­ries were really a lit­tle closer to home…

After read­ing over the most recent offer­ings from the con­ser­v­a­tive avant-gardians from Vir­ginia and Okla­homa – I feel com­pelled to call it!  Time of death for neo-conservativism is… well, look at your watch.  The bells, they toll for thee! Ok, hyper­bole aside, if the con­ser­v­a­tive body politic is not actu­ally dead, it is most def­i­nitely Brain Dead!

How long can a heart con­tinue to pump once the con­trol­ling gray mat­ter has shuf­fled off its mor­tal coil – how long can con­ser­v­a­tives con­tinue their cur­rent flop­ping about on only the decel­er­at­ing momen­tum of their last high func­tion­ing leader.  Maybe Palin, the Tea-Partiers, Beck & Rush are just the last invol­un­tary mus­cle jerks of a body that doesn’t have a clue that it already died.

Good Lord, I think I actu­ally long for William F Buck­ley Jr.

If you’ve read much of my offer­ings you have prob­a­bly begun to pick-up on the fact that I am a com­plete and irre­deemable snob about intel­li­gence.  I claim the intel­lec­tual heft of a life spent study­ing, teach­ing and being poor – I am wise in that I know how much I don’t know…

Those I can­not abide are of two groups; those who nei­ther respect intel­li­gence nor what it can accom­plish, these folk tend to see intel­lect as a weak­ness, or worse…something French.  The other group lights-up my Irish even more; the slightly higher func­tion­ing morons that por­tray them­selves as intel­lec­tual – not in order to engage in open debate with the braini­acs from the other side, but to take on the guise of intel­lect in order to sell more books, boost rat­ings or gain elec­tive office.

All the hubris that I can muster (and I can muster quite a bit) could never con­vince me that I have the intel­lec­tual stones to hold national office, or even national atten­tion – but I have absolute con­fi­dence that I could wipe the room with Rush, Beck, Palin or any­one from the RNC Lead­er­ship cir­cle.  Pub­lic Pol­icy, For­eign, Domes­tic, Eco­nom­ics – they can choose the topic, hell, they can write notes on their hands if they want.

I hate that I can say what I just said and mean it.  My side of the polit­i­cal spec­trum needs a yang to our ying, we need an argu­ment that has merit not just a cor­po­rate spon­sor.  My Left needs the Right, a clear, stately and con­sis­tent Right – where the hell did it go?

Shit… I miss Richard Nixon, again.

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