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"Home Again" | davelovell.net
Aug 242010

David Thorn­ton handed me the cho­rus for this song and asked me for some verses — an hour later I’d writ­ten my first lyric in twenty years — thanks David…

…would ya be hav­ing the price of a wee pint?”

Bestrode did I, down cob­bled lane, beshod in bro­gans new

Tis off to work, says I to me, and not to pubs in view.

A pleas­ant day”,   “God Bless all here,”   I bid to friend and foe

But nei­ther wave nor know­ing cheer toward me did they bestow.


Who­ever it is I thought I was I am not anymore

Who­ever it is I thought I was I am not anymore

So bye, bye, my bonny boy, and hello, Sonny Jim,

Who­ever it is I thought I was, I sure no more am him.


Twas not so long me thinks to me, that I for­sook these shores

To seek my fame and make my name resplen­dent in the lores’

Returned I Am”   “Unchanged says I,”   back from the hea­then horde

But know thee not says them to I from faces aged and worn


So “To The Pub” says I to me, ‘tis there I’ll still be known

And tales I’ll spin of where I’ve been and won­ders I’ve been shown

Tis him­self” they’ll cry, my kith and clan, and raise a pint in thanks

So to the Pub­lic House I’ll go, with coin made off the yanks


I know where hangs the pub’s green door for this locality

but turns I knew now look… askew; an auld sod discordality

Yet on I stride and soon betide the well of pint and stout

By Paddy’s Crook, I’ll state my name and silence any doubt.


Its here I stand, tis I the man, you once knew as a lad

Back from the soil of for­eign land yet I no rake nor cad

From these same hills I once besprung a Celt, my father Danny

Oh, Danny’s Boy… from Dublin Towne? or the Hills of Connemaury?


Says I to thee who ques­tions me, are you take me for a Brit?

For where it was that I was waked, I could from here, there spit

Says he to I as in reply Per­haps you’ve cupped the whiskey

As fid­dlers from the cor­ner croon, a fine old “Irish Rosie”


I drain my dram and take my leave from vil­lains once thought kin

Its loss to them and none to me, so in new lands I’ll begin

Bestrode did I, down cob­bled lane, to search for faith and promise

Friends not yet met will learn that I am Wolfe, my first name Thomas.

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