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Beck, Palin & American Lemmings | davelovell.net
Aug 312010

When I saw the pho­tos of the crowd at the most recent Beck/Palin hate fest, I could not stop the image of lem­mings from leap­ing to mind…

Lem­mings run off the edge of the cliff together because they are ter­ri­fied to leave the crowd.  I’m sure the more higher rea­son­ing rodents make fun of them — they prob­a­bly tell lem­ming jokes; “How many lem­mings does it take to chew through a light­bulb?”  I hope that if I was a rodent I would be kinder, less cruel, and try to under­stand why the lem­mings are so afraid.  But I’d prob­a­bly just write a rodent blog about how stu­pid lem­mings can be.

Glenn Beck is sim­ply a media-whore.  An unabashed prof­i­teer, who saw an oppor­tu­nity (demand) and stepped in with his semi-intelligable act(supply). He admits that he is in the enter­tain­ment busi­ness and couldn’t care less about the polit­i­cal process.

I have no prob­lem with that, if he can sleep at night atop the mil­lions he makes spread­ing bull­shit dressed-up as fact… then good for him.  If there was more money in being an ultra-liberal media-whore, he would switch sides in an instant — he’s read­ing from a script, not think­ing thoughts.

Sarah Palin, on the other hand, por­tends to polit­i­cal office.  Although she quit the last elec­tive office given to her by the vot­ers when a chance to make some money came along.  She’s not sup­posed to be act­ing, not sup­posed to be just an enter­tainer and not sup­posed to be read­ing a script (or notes writ­ten on her palm) — she is sup­posed to have actual prin­ci­ples that would make peo­ple vote her to office as their rep­re­sen­ta­tive.  Maybe some­one should tell her that she will have to pick — politi­cian or enter­tainer.  JFK cam­paigned with Sina­tra, but every­one knew which one was the politi­cian and which one was the enter­tainer only invited to put the butts in the chairs.

When Palin and Beck occupy the same stage… I’m not sure which one of them is in charge of butts.

The really scary part…

Peo­ple (aka lem­mings) seem to be hav­ing a prob­lem telling who are the politi­cians and who are the enter­tain­ers.  Admit­ting that you are tak­ing your polit­i­cal posi­tions based on Glenn Beck is akin to tak­ing med­ical advice from the cute girl who plays the doc­tor on Grey’s Anatomy — SHE ISN“T A DOCTOR, she’s act­ing — GLENN BECK ISNT AN INTELLECTUAL, he’s act­ing… And I give-up try­ing to fig­ure out what Palin is doing, other than sell­ing her­self to any­one with a check­book (I know, I know — there is a name for that)

But peo­ple are afraid.  As I touched on in an ear­lier post, Amer­i­cans see their place in the world slip­ping away. They see their stan­dard of liv­ing reced­ing to a level more on par with the rest of the first world (omg…) and just like the con­fused Prus­sians of the Weimar Repub­lic; they will lis­ten to the sim­plest answer that tells them that it’s not their own fault and that they really are bet­ter than every­one else.

That Beck/Palin chose the anniver­sary of MLK’s speech and the Lin­coln Memo­r­ial, and then tried to paint them­selves as the new lead­ers of a civil-rights move­ment… is just too much!  I can’t even think about it with­out lit­tle parts of my soul dying-off.

Back to my metaphor…STOP lis­ten­ing to enter­tain­ers talk about seri­ous issues.  The right-wing stil­letto fas­cist Ann Coul­ter liked to say “shut-up and sing” to lefty musi­cians — well right back atcha!  Can’t believe I’m going to use these two in the same sen­tence, but Bono and Beck are both enter­tain­ers(!?) But I wouldn’t take polit­i­cal direc­tion from an Irish singer any more than you should take advice from from a Mor­mon Hysteric!

OK lem­mings, time to look around and turn left!  The cliff edge is approaching…

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  1. Haha­ha­ha­ha­ha­ha­ha­haha.……
    Well said!!!!!

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