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"Men of our Dreams" | davelovell.net
Aug 052010

here’s  lit­tle duet… any­body interested?

Men of Our Dreams”               dwl

In my dreams I could see him, star­ing out from my window

He was kind, he was gen­tle, not some fairy tale hero.

He lives on in my mind, as my stan­dard and treasure,

And I search through the world for a man that’s his measure.

It was of him that I thought, as you came into view

would you fall into shadow,  would I see him in you?


As a boy I was nour­ished on leg­end and lore

Tales of uncles and cousins and the lands they fought for.

In my mind I installed them, as my judge and my jury

And to not mea­sure up, was the one con­stant worry.

It was of them that I thought, as you came into view

would you see them in me, or would I have to do?


(Male) She dreams of a man that she wishes was me,

(Female) as he dreams of the men that he so wants to be.

Can these men of our dreams keep us safe or destroy us?

Do these men of our dreams tell the truth or betray us?

Will these men of our dreams ever fade away from us?

At least enough to see, what the one right here can be.


The man of my dreams can bring calm to the storm.

When my world becomes bit­ter, he is sta­ble and warm.

But you’d fly to defend me, you would fight any foe,

you would risk all and more, you are fear­less I know.

But the man that I want, isn’t eager to fight

wouldn’t stand as my guard, he would hold me at night.


The men from my dreams bat­tled back every storm

They would fight-off all evil, no mat­ter what form.

But I am no hero, though I come from their line,

I seek only some quiet, and for you to be mine.

But the man that you want, he is eager to fight

I would rather just hold you, but I’ll guard you at night


I must tell my new love of the man of my dreams,

How he’s calm and he’s safe and not prone to extremes.

But how could he be what his hero’s were not

He was raised to be like them, men with no sec­ond thought

Could he ever be happy as the man that I see

Will he let go his dreams and be happy with me?


I must tell my new love of the men I can’t be,

They were heroes and leg­ends, but it just isn’t me.

I was raised to be like them, but I am what I am,

nei­ther hero nor cow­ard, just a reg­u­lar man.

Could she ever be happy if this is all that I’ll be?

Will she let go her dreams and be happy with me?

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