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davelovell.net - Part 2
Feb 272012
Hubris and Ignorance

I may not know what I think I know, you know? So I’ve been try­ing to come to some under­stand­ing about how very bright peo­ple, like some very close bio­log­i­cal rel­a­tives of mine, can see the polit­i­cal land­scape so dif­fer­ently than I do. Be warned; I’m about to get all for­mal essay on you… 1.    Cog­ni­tive hubris: each of us believes that his map of the world is more accu­rate than it really is. 2.    Rad­i­cal igno­rance: when it comes to com­plex social phe­nom­ena, our maps are highly inac­cu­rate. Cog­ni­tive hubris can explain large, per­sis­tent dis­agree­ments over such issues as finan­cial reg­u­la­tion and Key­ne­sian fis­cal stim­u­lus. Cog­ni­tive hubris is par­tic­u­larly trou­ble­some when com­bined with rad­i­cal igno­rance. Indeed, this con­fig­u­ra­tion jus­ti­fies lim­it­ing gov­ern­ment inter­ven­tion in order to avoid set­ting […click to read the rest]

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Feb 222012
Rick Santorum... "Ick! Santorum!!"

I haven’t blogged much about the con­tin­u­ing anti-Mensa fest that has been the Repub­li­can pri­mary moronathon.  It just seemed too easy and I don’t want to be seen as some­one who would pick on a polit­i­cal party rid­ing the short bus off the side of the cliff.  My gen­eral take has been that the repub­li­can power-brokers in their smoke-filled rooms had decided 2012 was a lost cause; so why waste any seri­ous con­tenders.  I mean…Newt, Rick, Mitt, Ron, Babs and the other Rick??  Really?  The only other plan might be that they think these tools will so frus­trate the  lotus-eaters at the rnc con­ven­tion that they could broker-in Jeb (…oh god…you don’t think they’d pull a Palin do ya…?) Any­who, I’ve already unleashed on the Newt […click to read the rest]

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Jan 242012
Know Newt? No Newt!

Newt Gin­grich is smarter than you. Don’t feel bad; he’s smarter than every­body else, too. Just ask him.  But don’t ask him about his per­sonal life – how dare you! Repeated adul­tery with younger women, while each suc­ces­sive wife was seri­ously ill — and all along Newt was pro­claim­ing him­self a cham­pion of fam­ily val­ues. Attack­ing mort­gage lender Fred­die Mac, while secretly get­ting paid $1.6 mil­lion as a lob­by­ist for them – and claim­ing he was a “his­to­rian,” not a lob­by­ist. Attack­ing Con­gress for grid­lock, when per­son­ally led the destruc­tion of Con­gress’ civil­ity and tra­di­tions in the 1980s as a “bomb-thrower” and evil genius tac­ti­cian. (Seri­ously, look it up.) A half-million charge account at Tiffany’s Jew­el­ers for his lat­est, youngest woman (that we know of). All this […click to read the rest]

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Dec 152011
Happy Birthday Bill! (of Rights)

On Decem­ber 15, 1791, the Bill of Rights was rat­i­fied. For the ben­e­fit of Rick Perry and peo­ple like him who can’t keep lists of more than two items in their head, let’s review: I. You can say any­thing you want except “Fire!” in a crowded the­atre or “Let’s elect Michele Bach­mann Pres­i­dent” in a room­ful of peo­ple with func­tion­ing brains; you can peace­ably assem­ble in pub­lic spaces to call out the gov­ern­ment when it’s act­ing like a dick, but only between 8am and 8pm Mon­day through Fri­day and 9am and 4pm on week­ends. (Wis­con­sinites: don’t for­get to pay Gov. Walker his “assem­bly fee” before you gather.); the press has total free­dom, except where riot police are evict­ing peace­ful pro­test­ers from a pub­lic place with […click to read the rest]

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Dec 132011
Hey Occupiers...want some cake?

Although the his­tor­i­cal evi­dence is that Marie Antoinette never actu­ally said, “Let them eat cake,” the phrase has become inex­tri­ca­bly linked with the cal­lous­ness and cruel inequal­i­ties that led directly and inex­orably to the storm­ing of the Bastille and the French Rev­o­lu­tion.  Now we have Newt Gin­grich, among oth­ers, say­ing, to wild right-wing applause, that the Occu­piers should “go get a job right after you take a bath.” The mock­ery is at or above the “Let them eat cake” level; the ques­tion is: Must rev­o­lu­tion inex­orably fol­low? Every soci­ety has its Bastille Line, the point at which the provocation—the inequal­i­ties, naked unfair­ness, exploita­tion, derision—becomes so great and affects so many, and the prospects of redress through nor­mal polit­i­cal processes grow so dim, that the cork […click to read the rest]

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Dec 012011
Dirty Rotten Obfuscaters!

Obfus­ca­tion! Favored tool of those wield­ing power over us from behind the cur­tain.  They who con­vince us that lib­er­als are weak-spined Fran­cophiles, or that they can pay-off the debt by low­er­ing our taxes. They play Three-Card Monte with our atten­tion spans while they sys­tem­at­i­cally dis­man­tle the remains of our Repub­lic.  But on rare occa­sions a Con­gres­sional vote approaches that is impos­si­ble to cloak – and if we pay even a tee­nie bit of atten­tion, we will see who cares about us (99%) and who cares about them (1%). Such will be the case later this week when the Sen­ate tries to vote on extend­ing the payroll-tax hol­i­day. The Repub­li­cans will oppose it—that is to say, the Repub­li­cans will sup­port a tax increase on work­ing Amer­i­cans. And […click to read the rest]

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