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davelovell.net - Part 3
Nov 292011
Old Dog, New Trick - Want My Biscuit!

A few months ago I bought three bow ties, they were good ones (said the sales dude) and half-off the already 75% reduc­tion – or about $3 each.  I applauded my fru­gal­ity and kept peek­ing at the orig­i­nal price tags that showed $40 and how badly I had beaten the man! Once the heady rush of my retail con­quest had faded, a trou­bling bit of real­ity wormed its way into my con­scious­ness – tying a bow tie was a man-skill that I lacked.  I might just as well have pur­chased three new slide rules for all the good they were gonna do me.  I will turn 48 tomor­row and I have made my peace with the skill set that I pos­sess, why trou­ble myself with the […click to read the rest]

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Nov 182011
The Ghosts of Lost Peeps

I’ve been miss­ing all the peo­ple I’ve lost more than usual recently.  Prob­a­bly comes from the slack­en­ing of my most recent life whirl­wind and the sud­den and over­whelm­ing quiet that has set­tled in its after­math.   Unstruc­tured time has always been my down­fall; and I’ve kept my life as busy as pos­si­ble in an uncon­scious desire to keep myself from myself. I tend to carry around my lost peo­ple in my head – some­times I pull them out myself, some­times they jump out at me with­out invi­ta­tion, usu­ally when I’m in no mood.  Some of my losses were self-inflicted, some by mutual drift­age, but some were taken; and those are the lost peo­ple that have been in my thoughts lately. I’ve dealt with enough ther­apy (from […click to read the rest]

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Oct 252011
Remember, Remember the 5th of November

You say you want a rev­o­lu­tion… A few months ago I advised some­one to move their money to Bank of Amer­ica.  I sug­gested this because the per­son I was talk­ing to would ben­e­fit from the amaz­ing online bank­ing that BOA offers; its con­ve­nient, cheap and they will even put your pic­ture on your pretty new debit card!  I was attracted to BOA the same way that I’m attracted to Home Depot and Wal-Mart – I’m busy and poor, and they’re con­ve­nient and cheap. Thank-you Kris­ten Chris­t­ian for the wake-up call! I’ve been guilty of doing exactly what the 1% expect of me; not fight­ing back.  They have smoth­ered my abil­ity to detect that I’m being screwed, by sup­ply­ing me with HDTV, on-demand video and Sarah Palin.  […click to read the rest]

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Oct 242011
at least buy me a drink first...

It’s no use pre­tend­ing that what has obvi­ously hap­pened has not in fact hap­pened. The upper 1% of Amer­i­cans are now tak­ing in nearly a quar­ter of the nation’s income every year. In terms of wealth rather than income, the top 1% con­trol 40 %. Their lot in life has improved con­sid­er­ably. Twenty-five years ago, the cor­re­spond­ing fig­ures were 12% and 33%. One response might be to cel­e­brate the inge­nu­ity and drive that brought good for­tune to these peo­ple, and to con­tend that a ris­ing tide lifts all boats. That response can be found on Fox News being espoused by the hired hair-do’s of the 1% — telling you that the pain in your ass is not you being screwed, but sim­ply a sea­sonal mal­ady […click to read the rest]

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Oct 202011
Sticks and Stones

orig­i­nally pub­lished Octo­ber 2010 If mar­kets truly do pos­sess “tip­ping points”—those sto­ried moments when they spon­ta­neously rearrange them­selves in mys­ti­cal accor­dance with the gen­eral will—then our recent eco­nomic calamity should have pro­duced a rev­o­lu­tion in our com­mon tongue. For the argot of eco­nomic spe­cial­iza­tion has long been an almost per­fect inver­sion of how we actu­ally live our pro­duc­tive lives. In the late years of the aughts, we’ve seen no end of bil­low­ing, mul­ti­syl­labic abstrac­tions take on lethally pre­cise traits of social destruc­tion. Col­lat­er­al­ized debt oblig­a­tions, credit default swaps, mortgage-backed deriv­a­tives, secu­ri­tized risk—all these con­cepts, and (just as impor­tant) the words used to char­ac­ter­ize them, seem in ret­ro­spect to be the kind of incan­ta­tion wor­thy of only the most unread dis­ser­ta­tion in Ger­man meta­physics. And so it […click to read the rest]

Oct 162011
Occupied by Occupiers

There’s a dif­fer­ence between an emo­tional out­cry and a move­ment,” for­mer U.S. Ambas­sador to the United Nations Andrew Young said recently of the Occupy Wall Street demon­stra­tions. “This is an emo­tional out­cry,” he went on. “The dif­fer­ence is orga­ni­za­tion and artic­u­la­tion.” Young knows some­thing about social move­ments: as a young pas­tor in the South, he joined the South­ern Chris­t­ian Lead­er­ship Con­fer­ence and was jailed for par­tic­i­pat­ing in demon­stra­tions in Alabama and Florida. But his sug­ges­tion that what is hap­pen­ing today in lower Man­hat­tan lacks real momen­tum rings false — the civil rights move­ment is not a prece­dent one can use to under­stand Occupy Wall Street. Nei­ther is this move­ment a Tea Party of the left, as some observers have sug­gested . Occupy Wall Street is […click to read the rest]

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