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davelovell.net - Part 4
Oct 122011
Please Raise My Taxes!

Who is more at fault, the politi­cian who tells obvi­ous lies to the voter, or the voter who is either too self-interested or unen­gaged to know he’s being lied to.  We get the gov­ern­ment we deserve — some­one smart said that, if it’s true, then I need a hug. Ran­dom Politi­cian, (appear­ing in front of blue back­drop with flags and the words Amer­ica Rocks!) — “I say that the Fed­eral deficit will destroy this coun­try and we can­not sad­dle our chil­dren with this issue, the time to act is now.  (add some­thing in this part about being god-fearing and flag-waving)  …if elected I will cut taxes because the Fed­eral gov­ern­ment is bloated and needs to be reigned in.”  I have heard/read these two lines in dozens […click to read the rest]

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Jul 092011
Absent Friend

Some of Clare’s best friends are mov­ing soon.  The kinds of friends that you’ve shared many of your lives big land­marks with; col­lege, mar­riage, chil­dren…  She’s been start­ing to miss them, and they haven’t left yet.  There was a going-away party last night — so I wrote this lit­tle song. Cause you are my friend I trust that you will care for me the same way that I care for you won’t mat­ter what we do… * Cause you are my friend like those I have sur­round­ing me could never slip from mem­ory no mat­ter what may be… * cause you are my friend if you should wan­der far from me far­ther than my eye can see I’ll hide my mis­ery cause you are my friend * Once you’ve been gone awhile I […click to read the rest]

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Jun 192011
Musician: Will Work for Applause...

The play is the thing, or in my case this sum­mer – to play …the gui­tar.  Early last month Tom Thayer asked me if would be inter­ested in play­ing a lit­tle gui­tar for the Roxy’s pro­duc­tion of “Almost Heaven,” I agreed and have since been enveloped by the artis­tic embrace of the lit­tle the­atre that could. I moved to Clarksville early last fall and was soon intro­duced to the Roxy’s pro­duc­tion of “Shout!”  After liv­ing in Nashville for twenty years I had adopted the Nashville View of Ten­nessee; that noth­ing really exists beyond the view of the bat­man build­ing.  The work done at the Roxy has shown me how myopic my Nashville eyes had been.  I was raised in an Iowa town about the same size […click to read the rest]

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May 062011

Below you will find a seg­ment of an open­ing para­graph to an essay response to a ques­tion regard­ing the phases of Mod­ern Art.  I’m stumped, any­one wanna take a stab at what they were talk­ing about? Much with the never halt­ing march of mankind, as civ­i­liza­tion con­tin­ued its inevitable rev­o­lu­tion­iz­ing of for­merly stead­fast views of what con­sti­tuted the ide­olo­gies sur­round­ing the con­cept of imag­ined com­mu­ni­ties, its mal­leable nature gave way to trans­mu­ta­tions of some­thing more; the after­math for which resulted in the dis­tinct sep­a­ra­tion of these works which con­sti­tuted the pre-modern, the early mod­ern, and the modern.

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Feb 032011
My Eugene

Start­ing another short story to add to the col­lec­tion I started with “Joy Of Paint­ing.” Eugene had a par­tic­u­lar way about every­thing, some­times it got in his way, some­times it con­fused oth­ers and some­times it moved from the par­tic­u­lar to the pecu­liar, although not to Eugene.  He had grown up on the high open prairie of the Amer­i­can West, some peo­ple said all that space had given Eugene his par­tic­u­lar­i­ties, not me, I’m sure it was some­thing else.   I liked Eugene the moment I saw him, as I am par­tic­u­lar too.  I run a diner built in the 1920’s, have a one-eyed cat named Four-eyes and still wear the boots my father had on when he got shot in Korea, well he actu­ally got shot […click to read the rest]

Dec 242010
Homily for Midnight Mass…

This is a homily I gave at Mid­night Mass a few years ago… Cae­sar Augus­tus issued a decree and set the whole world mov­ing. What power there is in Impe­r­ial decree. Cae­sar speaks and every­one is uprooted. They all return to their native homes. Caesar’s word calls peo­ple back to their roots. Cae­sar has a pur­pose. He wants the whole world to be num­bered. He is count­ing his peo­ple. He needs their money. These peo­ple are not named, they are num­bered. Their sto­ries are not impor­tant. Who they are does not mat­ter. What they can pro­vide does. They rep­re­sent an eco­nomic resource. A decree from Cae­sar. Word comes from Rome. An order comes from the cen­ter of power to the mar­gins, and the whole world moves. Cae­sar […click to read the rest]

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